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Discover the Kirbor Experience Through our Homeowners’ Stories

At Kirbor Homes, we take pride in curating spaces that reflect the essence of your individuality, ensuring that each new home we build is a testament to your aspirations and dreams. Explore the stories of our homeowners below who have entrusted us with building their new homes, and see a glimpse into the Kirbor Experience.

    What Our Homebuyers are Saying

    • "They were very responsive to any questions. Great offerings especially in this climate of varying availability of materials. The company had the foresight to get options available that a buyer could go with in modest amount of time. The rep and I were in close touch. She accompanied me on all meetings and answered all phone queries. I love the upgrades and consideration that was readily given throughout the process."

      New Home Owner

    • "The realtor and builder were attentive and understanding of my requests... very accommodating. I was part of the team! Expectations were met or addressed; even things that I noted had already been noted by the builder. Despite ongoing construction for new development, the properties are neat at all times. I was made aware of any schedule adjustments in a timely manner. My questions were valued and answered by the realtor on behalf of the builder. She sent any concerns to the builder for a response. They were very responsive. I love the SOS system. On day 1 a small concern was addressed within an hour."

      New Home Owner

    • "We truly enjoyed our experience with Kirbor Homes and would definitely recommend them to others. The sales team was efficient, quick to respond to any questions, and made the entire process fun. We were impressed with the overall layout and quality of options to choose from. We absolutely love our home and look forward to living here for years to come!"

      New Home Owner

    • "The warranty team, specifically Vince, was extremely responsive and quick to address problems. New construction is never without problems, Vince made sure to address problems and more importantly he continued to work on solutions until the matters were resolved."

      Jason and Daniette

    • "Loved the entire delivery. Expectations for the customer were clear and continued communication with the customer after delivery has been great so far."

      Ian and Sarah

    • "I chose this company after looking at others and this one has at this point exceeded my expectations. Joy Mills has ensured to work around my schedule to ensure that the system is moving as it is supposed. Being retired Navy and knowing this will be my family’s forever home helps me and I want to thank Kirbor for this opportunity."

      New Home Owner

    • "We love our Kirbor home! We love the design and layout of our home. Joy Mills was really great to work with she helped us with choosing colors and items for our home and we absolutely love everything! Thank you Joy! Vince in the warranty department also is great to work with."

      New Home Owner

    • "Joy does outstanding work to make sure all my questions are answered in a timely fashion. She is very knowledgeable with the process and how things work."

      New Home Owner

    • "I am in the process of building a home through Kirbor. I have had the opportunity over the past 10 months to work with Joy Mills, one of their new home consultants and I have had a great experience. Vince has also been great at explaining how and why certain features of my new home are the way they are and how they function. I have also had the pleasure of meet 2 of the construction project managers, Stephen and Cedric and they have been extremely accommodating."

      New Home Owner

    • "Joy Mills and the entire team at Kirbor have been amazing through the entire process. The quality of the framing and all the finishes are some of the best I’ve seen! I will be recommending Joy and the team to all my friends and family that are looking to build a new custom home!"

      New Home Owner

    • "When I first was put in contact with Joy Mills I was a bit nervous seeing is this was my first new construction home. Any question I had she either had the answer or got back to me very quickly. She took the time to understand me as a client and worked with me every step of the way to put me at ease. It has been such a wonderful experience working with Joy. Once our house was under construction I was kept up to date with every phase of the home building process. There were one or two hiccups, but they corrected everything quickly and without hesitation! I had the pleasure of also meeting Chauncey who was very down to earth and helped answer some of the questions I had about the home building process as well. Overall I had a wonderful experience with Kirbor and If I had the opportunity to build through them again I would do so in a heartbeat!"

      New Home Owner

    • "Our experience with our representative was pleasant. All of my questions were answered with respect to my concerns and not dismissed. Our garage was painted and floor sealed as promised when we moved in. Everything was like a dream come true."

      Edward and Sandra

    • "Nothing to dislike Joy and Vince did great job!"


    • "Always on top of everything, kept me in the loop and had great customer service. Everything was a good experience."


    • "Joy was absolutely amazing. Joy was the BEST to work with."


    • "Anytime we have any problems, the team is very quick to answer our questions and come to look at and resolve the problem. Vince has been great to work with and calls us as soon as we bring up any problems."


    • "I love kirbor homes agent , Anne-renee she was very helpful and was very quick in responding to my every question"

      Byron and Florence

    • "Vince has been excellent to work with."

      Brandi and Christopher

    • "Joy and Vince were extremely helpful in the process. One thing that was not explained was the design of the septic system and how it would create a berm in the backyard. Stephen and Cedric were quite helpful and eager to assist with any questions/concerns we had. Vince did a great job explaining the features of our home and is very enthusiastic about the orientation experience. The inside of the home was very clean and ready for move in."

      Phillip and Lisa

    • "We live in our New home for almost 6 month. Our family likes everything about our new house location, quality of our new house and design. Kirbor homes are extremely knowledgeable building company . Thank you for building our new home for us."


    • This is our 3rd new construction and while the price point is significantly different than the previous builds we feel the quality, attention to detail, and professionalism is on a completely different level. Don did great yesterday and showed the level of thought put into the house and the people who will be living in it were impressed! Great job!

      Chris and Jessica

    • The ease of the overall process! At no time did we feel overwhelmed and if we had any questions they were thoroughly answered. Very professional and responded to my concerns in a timely fashion

      Chad and Marcie

    • Firstly, quality and craftsmanship were met and exceeded my expectations! Friendly and engaging staff also were also phenomenal in manner and disseminating information on home maintenance and ownership. Staff members were exceptionally friendly and engaging! Seamless experience! Knowledgeable staff members! Items that needed to be repaired or corrected were completed as promised!


    • Hi there Joy!!

      Wanted to let you know it is nice to work with a site agent that actually knows their product and procedures.  You are an asset to Kirbor and such a joy 🙂 to work with. 

      Thank you for being prompt on all communication and proactive on getting answers to all of our questions. 

      Trust me when I say this.....You are a cut above my dear. 



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