Why the name Kirbor Homes?

Posted: September, 16, 2022 | Categories: Communities | News | General Info
By Kirbor Homes Blog Team



Many people have asked us, what does Kirbor mean, how to say Kirbor, why did you choose the name Kirbor, and many more questions about our name. 


Well, to start, we should go over how to pronounce the name.


We get a lot of people asking if tt is pronounced like Gerber with a K. People tend to call us Kirber instead of Kirbor, which is an easy mistake to make! But, it isn’t exactly how you say our name!


The beginning of our name does sound like the Ger but with a K; however, the ending is pronounced like the rock “ore.” 


And now you’re probably wondering why we picked such a strange name that people have trouble pronouncing. 


Well to understand why, you have to know our owners’ names. Our owners are Rick Savino and Rob Wadsworth. If we take a closer look at their names and the company’s name, there are a few similarities. If we take both Rob and Rick’s name, and flip them backwards we get a little closer to our name. 


Rick’s name backwards is Kcir and Rob’s name backwards is Bor. So, we decided to lose the “c” in Rick’s name and then place the names together. Now, BorRic sounded too close to boring or boric acid, so we tried flipping it the other way!! Then, we got Kirbor!! And the rest is history!!


Now you may be wondering why we would even choose this name. We wanted to stay personal, because this business is an extension of us. But, we also were having fun and playing around with lots of different names. We landed on this one and kept joking about it. But, it felt like it was a fit! It is funny looking back and thinking the name was an accident, and a result of a joke, but felt personal and perfect at the same time.