All About The Model Names

Posted: October, 17, 2022 | Categories: Communities | News | General Info | Building a New Home
By Kirbor Homes Blog Team



Have you been scrolling through our website, and looking at our Model Home names?


The Ambler, The Worsham, The Engle, and The Derring are all kind of unique names for a floor plan name right?


Well, there’s actually a great reason behind why we chose and pick all of our model names!


If you didn’t know already, both of our owners graduated to Virginia Tech. Why is this important? Because all of our model homes are named after buildings from Virginia Tech!!


Because our owners had such a great experience  Virginia Tech, they wanted to take a piece of it and put it into their work! 


You may even be thinking, well won’t they eventually run out of names? And luckily for us, most universities also take part in continually building new places!! With Virginia Tech constantly growing, they are constantly building new academic halls, dining halls, libraries, and dorms! This means we will have quite a few names for the next few years. fact?


However, since Kirbor Homes is also steadily growing, we may just have to find a new way to name our models while still incorporating VT history! Stay tuned!